Wall climbing

This automated climbing robot was designed by Hausbots to streamline home construction projects

HB1 is an automated climbing robot designed to streamline home construction projects.

No matter the size, location, style or building material chosen, building homes can be dangerous work. Even with bulky construction machinery, building houses requires a lot of finesse and attention. As our technological worlds evolve, so do our tools, including those used for building homes. Home-building robotics company Hausbots has developed an automated climbing construction robot called HB1 to help complete home projects.

Designed with patent-pending wall climbing technology, HB1 hosts a very unique engineered system that allows it to scale rough surfaces, overcome obstacles, and safely contribute to home construction. Finished with a 6kg payload, HB1’s integrated technology system can streamline construction projects such as painting, HD visual inspection, as well as construction processes. Hausbots has equipped the HB1 with 42 kg of suction force, which allows the four-wheeled robot to climb vertical surfaces up to 30 m from ground level. HB1 can even climb vertical surfaces that aren’t totally flat, including columns, reservoirs, and undulating terrain.

Ensuring smooth movement of the HB1 up and down vertical walls, Hausbots designed a chassis that creates high-velocity airflow that converges with low pressure to generate downforce, allowing it to scale buildings of all sizes and heights. In fact, if builders connect HB1 to a tether from the top of a building’s roof, there is no limit to the robot’s climbing range. For construction projects that might require hazardous work, such as painting house eaves or replacing roof shingles, HB1’s built-in robotics serve to speed up the process and ensure a smooth landing.

Designer: Hausbots

HB1 features a four-wheel construction with a suction force of 42 kg.

Featuring a 6kg payload, HB1 can carry a variety of loads to streamline household projects.

HB1 can scale any radius, including columnar structures.

When attached to the roof, there is no limit to the climbing range of the HB1.