Rock climbing

The indoor climbing gym is an exciting hidden gem in all three towns

Here’s a fun thing to do in all three cities

Want some summer fun? There is a hidden gem in the Tri-Cities that I just discovered.

facebook/the rock shop

facebook/the rock shop

My wife is much more into the outdoors than me, but I would try something cool like this gym I just discovered.

Located in Richland at 1965 Fowler Street, The Rock Shop is a boulder-focused indoor rock climbing facility that is brand new to the Tri-Cities.

facebook/the rock shop

facebook/the rock shop

If you want to go indoor climbing, why not try this new facility in the Tri-Cities?

What does the Rock Shop offer? They explain what they do on their website:

Rock climbing is of course our main feature, and we have just about every climbing wall angle you can think of. Plus, you’ll find a workout area with campus boards and free weights, a lounge to relax in when you’re not climbing, a cafe to refuel, and change rooms to change into when you’re done.

facebook/the rock shop

facebook/the rock shop

If you’ve never tried bouldering, there are beginner and expert routes for youth and adults.

The Rock Shop is now open in Richland

The Rock Shop also offers monthly and annual memberships and is also a great place for group get-togethers.

You will need to sign a waiver and youth waivers will need to be signed by a parent/guardian.

You can check out the new Rock Shop on Facebook here and on their website here

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