Wall climbing

The HB1 climbing robot could find work at height

It’s safe to say that any task that involves climbing high is at least somewhat dangerous. The HB1 robot was designed with this fact in mind, as it climbs walls and even crosses ceilings so people don’t have to.

Currently about to hit the market, the HB1 was designed by British startup HausBots, which is a spin-off company from the University of Warwick.

The robot itself has four wheels covered in rubber tires and is connected to a remote control on the ground via a 110-volt electrical tether. It can be equipped with accessories that can support up to 6 kg (13 lbs) that allow it to perform tasks such as spray painting walls or performing visual and ultrasonic inspections of structures.

Although operated primarily by remote control, the HB1 is able to determine where it is in relation to the entire wall surface


The HB1 clings to walls, pillars, ceilings or just about anything else using two built-in electric fans. These draw in air from under the front and back of the robot, expelling that air directly out the back of the robot to create downforce. This configuration allows the device to travel over flat or curved, rough or smooth surfaces, and to roll over small obstacles such as electrical conduits that may be present on these surfaces.

HausBots is currently inviting potential buyers to sign up to receive updates through the company’s website. The robot is currently offered in Europe (at an undisclosed price) and is expected to be available to North American buyers in the first quarter of next year. You can see the HB1 in action, in the video below.

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Source: HausBots, University of Warwick