Rock climbing

Quintessa Swindell in a rock climbing thriller

Three years have already passed since it was announced that A girl walks home alone at night director Ana Lily Amirpour is reportedly directing a reboot of thriller with a female character in the lead…and the development of this project is taking so long that it’s overtaken by other female-led climbing/climbing survival thrillers. Earlier this year we had The flange. Infinite Storm is currently enjoying a limited theatrical release. And now it has been announced that Quintessa Swindell of trinkets has signed on to play the female lead character in the rock climbing thriller Neutral for Spyglass Media Group.

Deadline reports that the duo Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky (Monsters) will lead Neutralfrom a screenplay by Paul Haapaniemi (Jane by design). Swindell will play

a young woman who sets out to complete the treacherous ascent of the mountain that cost her father his life. Halfway through, she stumbles upon a murder and becomes the target of a gang of ruthless criminals who want to eliminate the only witness to their crime. Alone in the unforgiving nature and clinging to a steep rock face, her only escape is in place.

Good Fear Content’s Chris Bender and Jake Weiner produce Neutral while Peter Oiltaguerre and Chris Stone oversee the Spyglass project.

In addition to trinketsSwindell has had roles in movies Granada Nights and Travelersas well as TV shows Euphoria and Processing. Later this year, Swindell will star as Cyclone in the DC Comics adaptation. black adam, starring Dwayne Johnson. This film will arrive in theaters on October 21, 2022 and can be viewed on HBO Max 45 days later.

No release date has been set for Neutral yet, but we’ll keep you posted as it develops.

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