Rock climbing

Opening of a new climbing, fitness and yoga hall in Troy

TROY, NY (NEWS10) – A new fitness center with a climbing gym is set to open in Troy this summer. The opening of the gym is scheduled for the summer of 2023.

Regional development corporation First Columbia plans to build the nearly 20,000 square foot indoor rock climbing, fitness and yoga facility at 545 River Street in the North Central neighborhood. The gym will be operated by Central Rock Gym (CRG).

“Central Rock Gym is one of the key properties in our strategy to connect North Central Troy to downtown neighborhoods in an impactful way,” said First Columbia Project Manager Nathaniel Bette. “In addition to the health and fitness space for CRG, we are also developing two multi-family projects and an affordable grocery store on this block. Together these developments will add welfare, housing and food to Phase III of our Troy Waterfront Master Plan.

The Troy Planning Commission recently extended site plan approval for the new facility, which includes both renovated space in the Flanigan Square building and a 12,000 square foot addition in the adjacent parking lot. The addition will wrap around the south and west sides of Flanigan Square and connect to a planned Riverwalk extension.

The gymnasium will include high indoor climbing on 45-foot high walls as well as a bouldering area. The fitness center will also include cardio machines, a weight room and a yoga studio.

Central Rock Gym specializes in indoor rock climbing with 20 existing or upcoming locations in New England and New York. In New York, Central Rock Gym currently has locations in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and Manhattan.