Rock climbing

New climbing gym brings fun and adventure to Trenton

TRENTON— Climbing is an intense sport, as demanding mentally as it is physically. The city of Trenton now has its own climbing gym and fitness center so people can train and train in a fun and adventurous way.

“We have yoga, we have bouldering, we have rope climbing, lead climbing, a full range of cardio fitness equipment and gear, and a kilter board which is an adjustable rock climbing wall,” said Ann Grinnell, co-owner of Volta.

grinnel, who co-owners deals with her husband Jesse Cameron, said bouldering is ropeless climbing on a rock face.

The gym also offers classes for rope climbing beginners who want to try the activity for the first time.

“The rope climbing section goes up to 42 feet, so it’s a bit different. You have a harness, you have someone belaying you, controlling the rope, so it’s very safe. So the ‘learn the tricks of the trade’ class teaches people how to climb,” Grinnell said.

Grinnell says people will learn how to tie knots, “tie up,” use a harness, and communicate with their climbing partner.

She said the climbing gym is a great option for indoor exercise rain or shine.

“I don’t think people realize that you can get a huge workout just by playing on the walls. You’ll feel muscles that you didn’t know you had that kind of thing,” Grinnell said.

Those interested in registering have the option of purchasing a day pass or a monthly subscription. Summer promotions are also available.

“It’s a very personal sport that you can play in a community of people, so you kind of get both its independence and its collaboration. So I think it’s something really fun for people” , Grinnell said.

The gym is open six days a week and offers workouts and challenges for all skill levels. For more information, visit