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Kate Upton climbed an indoor climbing wall

If you’re looking for inspiration to change up your workout routine, check out Kate Upton’s Instagram. The actress continually shows off her physical feats on the app, including glute strengthening exercises, sledding pull-ups and, most recently, rock climbing.

Upton posted two photos of herself indoors climbing in a blue sweatshirt, black leggings, blue socks and climbing shoes with her hair pulled back into a bun. In the foreground, she is strapped into a harness attached to ropes, climbing a slightly inclined wall. In the second photo of the carousel, she smiles at the camera after reaching the top of the man-made peak (which looks quite high from the ground, BTW).

Kate Upton’s latest fitness post might inspire you

“This is your sign for rock climbing,” she wrote in the caption. “10/10 highly recommended. »

Upton’s Instagram post certainly makes a compelling case for trying the sport, but if you need more motivation, consider the many benefits of being active. A physically and mentally demanding activity, rock climbing is a full body workout. Pulling up a wall obviously requires strength in your upper body and core, but it also calls on your lower body muscles.

“Effective movement requires tremendous core strength to maintain tension with the wall,” said Emily Varisco, head trainer and certified personal trainer at The Cliffs in Long Island City, NY. Form. You’ll also need your legs to “provide your base of support,” especially as your arms get tired, she added.

Every move up the wall takes some serious strength and stamina, so you can keep climbing even when you’re tired. Stability is needed to hold your body against the wall, and power comes into play as you swing upwards and grab your next hold or foothold. “A climber will naturally develop balance, coordination, breath control, dynamic stability, eye-hand/eye-foot coordination,” Varisco said. Form.

Then there is the mental aspect of the sport. Strapping yourself into a harness with the intention of scaling a wall can be a daunting concept, and it takes mental toughness and stamina to reach the top of a climb. “For me, climbing is a really unique mental and physical challenge, where you have to be able to train your body to be in the best shape possible, but don’t forget to train your mind,” he previously said. Emily Harrington. Form.

Take a page from Upton’s book and find a climbing gym in your area today to try the full-body sport. If Upton’s smile in his recent Instagram post is any indication, reaching the top of a climb is worth it.

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