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Jason Momoa shows off his rock climbing skills in intense workout video

Jason Momoa shares an intense training video in preparation for his new series, The Climb, showcasing the star’s impressive climbing skills.

Ahead of the launch of its brand new series of competitions, The climb, Jason Momoa has shared an intense workout video that showcases the star’s impressive climbing skills. After confirming last December that its highly anticipated DCEU sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom had officially ended, Momoa should now have an incredibly busy year. The star has certainly established himself as a household name in recent years, with 2021 adding the box office success of Denis Villeneuve Dunes to his already stacked CV.

Momoa is a returning favorite within the DCEU, but rumors have recently started circulating that the 42-year-old could be in talks to join another major film franchise. Now, it has been confirmed that Momoa will star in the upcoming Fast and Furious 10, in a currently unknown role, when the film hits theaters next year. The star’s official welcome to “familyhas been very well received by fans, who will likely be excited to see what the actor brings to this long-running film series. With a number of exciting projects seemingly in the works for Momoa, the star has now shared a behind-the-scenes video of his rock climbing training, in preparation for his new HBO Max show.


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Taking to Instagram, Momoa shared the video along with a series of photos of himself alongside professional mountaineer, Chris Sharma, with the pair set to co-host The climb together. The video shows the Aquaman star tackling a particularly tricky overhanging rock wall, showing off his skills as he maneuvers masterfully to climb the structure. Fans were quick to share their admiration for Momoa’s talents, as well as their excitement for his upcoming project. Check out Momoa’s video below.

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The climb was originally commissioned by HBO last summer, but now the prep for the series appears to be kicking off, as Momoa’s post caption apparently confirms that the show will hit screens in 2022. The competition show will see amateur climbers face a series of challenges, both mental and physical, all in the hope of achieving the title of best amateur climber in the world. Momoa recently joked that he is a “aging superhero” after his stunts on the Aquaman subsequently left him with a number of different injuries. However, if this video is anything to go by, the star now appears to be back and in good shape.

This glimpse into Momoa’s intense diet really shows the hard work the star is putting in behind the scenes on her upcoming series. While the show is likely to focus on the show’s competitors, one has to wonder if Momoa will join the amateur climbers as they head up the rock faces, perhaps even showing them how it’s done. Momoa has been a lifelong rock climber, so it will definitely be interesting to see the star’s passion turn into an exciting new on-screen project when The climb premieres on HBO Max sometime in 2022.

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