Rock climbing

Indoor family fun and climbing room

Looking for a place to beat the boredom and doldrums of winter? Greenville’s newest and largest climbing center, BlocHaven, comes to the rescue.

Do you have a child who is part mountain goat and literally climbs over anything and everything? Are you looking for a full body workout suitable for all ages and body types? Looking to do something indoors that’s unplugged, gimmick-free, and interesting for the whole family? BlocHaven is the answer to all families looking for something new and fun to do indoors.

The founders of BlocHaven

That’s what owners Doug and Teri Johnson had in mind when they came up with this family business idea. It had to be something their climbing offspring would enjoy and be a part of. Determined to make Greenville a community and bouldering center, the Johnsons worked with the best in the business and chose the historic Judson Mill as the perfect location for their vision. It is a family owned and operated business; while their kids coach the youth team, you might find Teri in barista mode, working in the cafe. Did we mention that their coffee partner is none other than local caffeine supplier Methodical Coffee? Along with their delicious selection of coffees, the cafe has a great list of healthy energy drinks, homemade treats, and frozen drinks from Common Pops, another local brand.

Blochaven Founders

BlocHaven is for the whole family

If you can walk, then you can climb. I think that’s one of the unique qualities of BlocHaven. I’ve seen parents with kids as young as 3 taking advantage of the gym. As part of their safety procedure, everyone should have an orientation before they begin. The orientation consists of a tour of the gymnasium, including the routes you can climb and understanding how the belay harness works.

I discovered BlocHaven through my middle school daughter Lily. We were looking for a sport that could match his love for climbing. It was fortuitous, of course, but we wanted her to try indoor climbing, learn the right techniques and have fun with her peers. Their recreational team was a perfect place to start. Recently, after entering their annual competition aptly called BlocBender, his interest turned into passion. She was inspired by the young participants in the competition, witnessing the camaraderie between elite and novice climbers and was also able to attend a youth workshop led by a professional elite climber.

First bouldering gym in town

On our first visit to Blochaven, we were impressed by the cool looking artificial rocks with colorful handles. The first thing that came to mind was an art installation. It’s massive, about 25,000 square feet! Beautifully designed by the founders in collaboration with Vertical Solutions, Doug’s choice to use natural wood makes the space feel more natural and organic.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the atmosphere rather cold. If you want your kids to think you’re cool, take them here. No need to bring anything, as climbing shoes and climbing harnesses are available for rent. If you come for the first time, we suggest you choose the day pass which includes equipment rental. And since it’s a day pass, you can take a break, go out for lunch, and come back and climb again.

Blochaven Gym Cafe

More than a climbing gym

For my part, I tried rock climbing, but with the membership, you also have access to their fitness area and yoga classes given in their multipurpose rooms. On days when I don’t feel like climbing and my daughter is up on the walls, I’m on the treadmill or lifting weights.

Besides the cafe, there is also a cozy and quiet lounge built above the walls. You can watch your child from there or just bring your laptop and enjoy the quiet. The gym is designed as one giant open space, so sometimes I have a view of where Lily is climbing. Beats the daycare corner of any gym I’ve been to.

For more information on birthday parties, group and corporate events, email BlocHaven

701 Easley Bridge Road – Suite 6020, Greenville | 864.405.3003

Business hours :
Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.