Wall climbing

How to Get Infinite Stamina Wall Climb in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is available right now and gamers have enjoyed everything it has for them. As with the launch of any game, players have found a few issues that can either advance their progress even further; or stop it completely. Fortunately, the glitch we are going to talk about in this article is the one that will allow you to progress, because there is an infinite stamina wall climbing glitch that has been found. This guide article will tell you how to get infinite stamina in Tower of Fantasy climbing a wall.

Get infinite stamina while climbing in Tower of Fantasy

This specific method can be used on both PC and mobile, although the best way to describe it at first is to use the exact PC keys needed, as noted by Reddit user “Aeolian10” who has found this problem in his video. First, climb up to a wall and start the climbing mechanic. When you’re on the wall itself, press control then spacebar twice, then W. You can now climb the wall with infinite stamina, which is a great trick!

To do this on mobile you’ll want to let go of the wall, jump twice, then back up into the wall and you’ll climb the wall with no problem. This issue is likely to be patched/fixed with the next update that hits the game as it pretty much allows users to avoid a full escalation mechanism subsystem. However, for now, it will be fine to use it while playing the game if you need help climbing!

Tower of Fantasy can be downloaded right now and is playable for Android, IOS and PC.