Wall climbing

Could you scale Trump’s border wall? Enthusiasts will participate in a climbing competition in Kentucky

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Photo: Dicklyon (CC-by-4.0)

To paraphrase a popular saying among a certain segment of the population: “Climb the wall!” Climb the wall!”

A 75-year-old rock climbing enthusiast is hosting an interesting rock climbing competition next weekend (October 11-12) in Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

Rick Weber, founder of the Muir Valley Climbing Reserve in the Gorge area, is celebrating Rocktoberfest by hosting the event, where competitors will attempt to climb walls “dimensionally identical to the 18ft version of the wall bollard (vertical steel square columns) currently erected along our southern border.Entrants will compete for trophies and other prizes.

In an article on rockandice.com, Weber says he was inspired by Donald Trump’s press conference at the border, during which he said the wall would be “impossible to climb”.

“The federal government tested the structure by having 20 qualified mountain climbers attempt to scale it, and no one was able to,” Trump said.

“No one in our climbing community knows any of these 20 climbers. I doubt they exist,” Weber writes. “Most importantly, to declare something impossible for a true climber to climb is to issue a challenge. “

Weber posted information about the event on various rock climbing sites and message boards and said “details to follow,” so keep an eye out, climbing enthusiasts, if you want to put POTUS’ claims to the test.

Check out the article and a photo of Weber with a “wall” here.