Rock climbing

Colorado Springs seniors go rock climbing

COLORADO SPRINGS — It’s never too late to try something new. The elderly of Broadmoor Park Palisades learned to rock climb city ​​rock indoor climbing center on Tuesdays.

The seniors were new to climbing and went as far as they felt comfortable, some even reaching the top of the climbing wall. The youngest climber was about to turn 70 and the oldest was 88. With harnesses, rope, carabiners and a bit of courage, these seniors reached new heights.

“It was a great achievement to get up there, but a little scary that high,” said Steve Smith.

“Belaying is the process by which a climber takes over for another climber, so if they fell they wouldn’t hit the ground, but no one will hit the ground today,” explained Sara Middleton, instructor of City Rock.

For some, rock climbing was something to check off their to-do list. For others, they were the ones overcoming a fear of heights. Smith didn’t dare look down once he reached the top.

“If I had, I would have been frozen, just focused on the buzzer up there,” Smith added.

” How do you feel ? The FOX21 News reporter asked. “A bit scary,” De Anderson replied.

Every senior tried the wall.

“Even coming today they were nervous about it, so it’s super exciting to see that they’re trying something new and then succeeding,” said Emily Cozzetto, director of enrichment at Palisades residents at Broadmoor Park.

Climbing is a physically and mentally demanding activity.

“They have to solve a puzzle while climbing the wall, so it keeps their brain engaged and also the physical activity of it, they move their body in different ways,” Cozzetto added.

“It’s like when we started marathons,” Anderson said. “I wanted to try something new and see if I could pull it off.”

Seniors are now encouraging others to try rock climbing regardless of age.

“There’s no barrier there, you’re the barrier, so never think you’re too old or too young to try something new,” Cozzetto said.