Wall climbing

Clinic offers ropeless rock climbing lessons – The Observer

The Intro to Bouldering 1 climbing clinic will take place on October 13 on the rock face of the recreation center. The wall is 50 feet at its highest point and towers over the recreation center.

According to climbing leader Jess Dankberg, climbing has many physical and mental benefits.

“It’s great to get in touch with yourself,” Dankberg said. “It’s kind of amazing what you can do. Even if you don’t think you’re strong, then you go up 50 feet and you’re like, ‘Wow, I’m amazing.’

Bouldering is when someone climbs closer to the ground without a rope, according to Climbernews.com. Additionally, top rope is when a person is attached to a rope and has a belayer that helps with safety, according to climbingblogger.com. This allows them to climb higher on the wall.

Anyone can sign up for rock climbing. Membership is included with the recreation center and available to students as part of tuition. Students can have different climbing experiences, challenging themselves in different ways.

Dankberg said people climb for sport; some climb to get stronger while others climb to be healthier. It’s also a social sport where students can meet friends, according to Dankberg.

“We have people coming with their friends all the time,” Dankberg said. “We have a climbing team. Clinics are a great way to come meet people and learn things. We also organize climbing events throughout the year.

Rock climbing route setter Samuel Tibbets said he loves the rock climbing community.

“You can immediately find people to talk to and make new friends very easily,” Tibbits said. “Our climbing team is big at the moment and we’ve been doing some outdoor outings on the weekends.”

The CWU Rock Climbing Wall offers quarter-hour classes for credit as well as upcoming bouldering clinics listed below.