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Check Out Columbus’ Unique New Rock Climbing Route That Was Recently Featured In The New York Times – 614NOW

While Quarry Trails Metro Park is still pretty cool, it’s about to get a whole lot cooler.

So much, The New York Times take note.

In an article published earlier this week, the publication highlighted the new via ferrata that will soon be installed in one of the limestone rock formations at Quarry Trails Metro Park.


Long popular in Europe and borrowing the Italian expression for “iron track”, a via ferrata is a type of climbing route suitable for novices that can be described as an outdoor activity somewhere between a light climb and a hike. arduous.

These routes feature a continuous set of rungs attached to a rock face that serve as handholds and support points, and they allow those with no rock climbing experience to scale a cliff with relative ease. As participants are attached to a safety harness as they would be in other forms of climbing, the same level of safety is always ensured.

According to the New York Times, the Quarry Trails course will be the very first urban via ferrata. It is being built by Estes Park, Colorado-based Via Ferrata, and will be set into one of the quarry’s 150-foot limestone rock faces. The opening is scheduled for this fall.

So either overcome your fear of heights or don’t look down, as this is one outdoor attraction not to be missed.

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