Rock climbing

Bolder Adventure Park: Rock Climbing in North Texas

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas — No matter where you travel, there’s no better place than the Dome.

At least there’s no place like the giant dome that popped up in Grand Prairie.

“I don’t know of anything like it in the world,” said Paul Fontanelli, owner of Bolder Adventure Park in Grand Prairie.

Fontanelli came up with the idea for Bolder after seeing how Park City, Utah transformed a former ski facility after the Winter Olympics.

“I thought to myself, ‘how can I create something unique and different like what I experienced there,'” he said.

Bolder Adventure Park is the result. It is spelled without “u” because it is up to each individual to decide how daring they want to be.

The park, built inside a giant dome, offers three levels of adventure. The green attractions are mostly on the ground, for those who want to do something fun and easy. There are a few attractions in between, but the most challenging is the Double Black Diamond. These include traversing the 50-foot-high mountain and other rappelling and climbing experiences like a ropes course.

“It’s one of the only mountains I know of here in Grand Prairie,” Fontanelli said.

On the ground, there’s a blaster battle, where competitors fire small, soft bullets to hit targets and their opponents. It’s like paintball, but it hurts less and leaves no damage.

The park also offers synthetic ice skating, arcade games and one of the largest tube slides in the area.

Fontanelli says, so far, every customer has had the same reaction.

“Almost everyone who passes by, the only word they say is ‘wow,'” he said.

Bolder Adventure Park is open Wednesday through Sunday.