Rock climbing

9 places to climb certain heights

If you’re looking to get your adrenaline fix while exercising, then rock climbing might just be the sport for you. With a little preparation and some expert guidance, you’ll scale these rocks like a pro. And what better place to reach new heights than in one of the world’s most exciting capitals? Here are the 9 best places to rock climbing in london to test your mettle. So strap on your harness and get ready to climb some walls. Your next adventure is calling. Conquer the world one wall at a time.

1. The Arch Climbing Wall

The Arch Climbing Wall is definitely one of the best places to rock climb in London. The wall has over 300 lanes, a 50m cross wall, a 20m long roof and a hinged board making it a great place to challenge yourself and for adventurous souls looking to really test their skills. limits.

Rising over two stories, it offers a challenge to climbers of all levels. For those new to the sport, there are beginner-friendly routes that will help you get to grips with climbing – for those who are already experienced, there are some extreme climbs that will really push you to your limits. There are multiple locations for this company across London, from Surrey Quays in North London to Burnt Oak, so whatever your skill level, this is the perfect place to explore your adventurous side. So get on and start climbing!

You can find The Arch Climbing Wall locations on their website.

2. Castle Climbing Center

The Castle Climbing Center is one of the UK’s premier rock climbing destinations. Located in a converted old water pumping station – resembling a castle hence its name – the center offers climbers of all levels the chance to experience world-class rock climbing. With over 450 routes, it’s perfect for climbers of all skill levels, and their tallest wall is 13.5m high.

There is something for everyone here, whether you are a beginner or an expert climber. Whether you’re looking to top rope, lead climb or practice your bouldering, then this is a great place. You can challenge yourself on the rock walls or take a break in the cafe and enjoy the a breathtaking view of the Castle and its surroundings.

You will find the Castle Climbing Center at Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, N4 2HA. The nearest station is Manor House.

3. Mile End Climbing Wall

Looking for a unique and exhilarating climbing experience? Then be sure to check out the Mile End Rock Climbing Wall. With its varied routes and challenging problems, it’s sure to be a fun (and adrenaline-filled) activity for climbers of all skill levels.

It consists of numerous top rope and lead walls, each 10 meters high – four of which overhang lead walls only at a 30 degree angle – and a variety of other routes as well.

You will find the Mile End Climbing Wall at Haverfield Raod, Mile End, E3 5BE. The nearest station is Mile End.

4. The climbing shed

The climbing shed is a fun and challenging place to climb. With an extensive climbing surface which is one of the largest in the UK, it is certainly one of the best indoor climbing facilities in the country, and they offer a wide variety of courses and programs for all skill levels.

The Climbing Shed started out as a small warehouse in Liverpool, but has now grown into one of the largest climbing halls with seven different locations across the country and over 165 employees. In fact, it’s so popular that every month 10,000 people walk through its doors to train to improve their climbing skills.

You will find The Climbing Hangar at 5, Parsons Green Depot, 33-35 Parsons Green Lane, SW6 4HH.

5. Westway Climbing Center

Westway Climbing Center is a world renowned indoor rock climbing facility located near Ladbroke Grove. The center offers a variety of routes and challenges for climbers of all levels, making it the perfect place to improve your skills or train for your next big adventure. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, rest assured there’s something for you here!

They have over 350 lanes on 110 string lines that reach a height of 13.5 meters, in addition to over 450 square meters of bouldering space. Put on your harness and invest in a good pair of shoes before you set out – you’ll need these to get a good grip.

You will find the Westway Climbing Center at the Westway Sports & Fitness Centre, 1 Crowthorne Road, W10 6RP. The nearest stations are Ladbroke Grove and Latimer Road.

6. Range

South of the river in Woolwich, The Reach climbing center – as the name suggests – is a great place to learn to climb. They have friendly staff who are always ready to help and the facilities are top notch.

The climbing walls at this facility are higher than most other parts of the country, with climbs reaching around 55 feet. There’s also a 15-meter regulation speed wall for you to challenge your ability against gravity, plus plenty of thousand-square-foot boulders available so no matter what type or level of climbing you prefer, there will be something here for you.

You will find the Reach at The Reach Climbing Wall, Unit 6, Mellish Estate, Harrington Way, Woolwich, SE18 5NR. The nearest station is Woolwich Dockyard.

7. London Climbing Centers

London Climbing Centers has one of the most affordable climbing walls in London, spread over seven different sites. They offer a wide range of climbing challenges for all levels of climbers, from beginners to experienced climbers. With their one pass, seven playgrounds policy, they encourage climbers to choose the playground that suits them best from their seven pitches without breaking the bank.

Vauxwall is the second biggest and Harrowall is London’s biggest bouldering center – and both are incredibly popular. HarroWall is a premium indoor climbing facility in North London, and it’s one of only five BMC National Training Centers in the UK. Vauxwall, on the other hand, comes with over 14,000 square feet of climbing surface, and definitely worth a visit if you are south of the river.

You can find the locations of London climbing centers on their website.

8. White Spider Climb

White Spider Climbing is a great place for climbers of all skill levels to enjoy the fun of indoor climbing. Don’t let the size fool you, this unassuming project is making real waves in London Town. The weatherproof stalactite roof provides a safe haven for climbers, with routes extending up to 20 meters – so it’s an all-weather climbing spot! The grade 3-8b difficulty ensures that even those inexperienced will find something they can try. There are also over 200 block problems available, including a huge competition wall and many other interesting challenges scattered around the site.

Race your friends to the top of the climbing wall or take on one of the challenging obstacle courses – there really is something for everyone here.

You will find White Spider Climbing at 225 Hook Rise South, Surbiton, Greater London, KT6 7LD. The nearest stations are Tolworth and Chessington North.

9. Stronghold Climbing Center

Stronghold Climbing Center offers guests a state-of-the-art rock climbing and bouldering facility. Their centers are equipped with top-of-the-line climbing walls, routes and equipment, and they firmly believe that rock climbing is a great way to challenge yourself and relieve stress. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, you will find something here to suit you.

The center in Tottenham Hale is housed in a former brewery – a converted artist community now offers both rope and ropeless climbing. With 45 foot high walls, this former warehouse is now home to some truly amazing climbing spaces. The center of London Fields further south offers a kilter area and over 200 rocks too.

You will find the Stronghold Climbing Center at The Archives Unit, 10 High Cross Centre, Fountayne Road, London, N15 4BE and Unit 30, Canal Place, Andrews Road, London, E8 4FX. The nearest stations are South Tottenham and

So there you have it, nine of the best places to go in town rock climbing in london if you want to try this extreme sport. So buckle up and get ready to climb some walls!