Steve Schneider is known worldwide for his entertaining, educational, and motivational slideshows. His engaging personality, incredible exploits, and stunning photography combine to make him a sought after speaker. He has toured universities, rock climbing gyms, and retail shops throughout America, and has been invited to select venues in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile.

Steve's present show is titled LONG, HARD, AND HIGH: An exploration of extreme free climbing at altitude. In this program, Steve details his free ascents of El Capitan via El Nino(VI 5.13c A0) and Golden Gate(VI 5.13b), both of which are first American ascents. Steve argues the validity of this "training" in helping onsight extreme(like 5.13) rock climbs at high altitudes. Steve then moves to his 2004 expedition to Peru, which resulted in Steve's onsight of a 5.13 at 16'500 feet, possibly the highest elevation this grade has ever been onsighted, or climbed first try.. Rounding out the team was Steve's wife, Heather Baer, and 14 year child climbing phenom Scott Cory. For Steve and Scott, it was a classic case of the blonde leading the blonde. Don't miss this opportunity to have this world class athlete invigorate the local population with energy and good humor.

Pricing: Includes Steve's transport to and from venue, and any associated lodging and meal expenses. $1000 Per Show($750 in California) Note: Small rock climbing gyms and climbing clubs may receive a discount, inquire with Steve. A discount may also be available to locations that wish to host a clinic with Steve. See Clinics for more details and pricing.

To request a slideshow at your locale, Contact Steve.